Throughout my life I was taught that we all have “passions” that we’re gifted with. My passion is art – using my hands and ability to recognize people’s personal needs, and creating something special and useful for them.

About three years ago I added the art of soap-making to my list of passions. I started with a product I named the Ped Pal Foot Scrubby. This is a small round piece of loofah that’s been hand-dipped in goat’s milk soap and special scented oils. I gave them to my family and neighbors as a special way of saying, “Hi! I’m thinking of you.” To my surprise, they all loved the product and wanted more of them. In fact, one of my neighbors stood right in front of my car and stopped me as my husband and I were driving away, and said, “Franny! You have to look at my feet! That loofah soap you made is absolutely wonderful. Please can you make more so I can give them to my family as gifts”?

That experience led me to making other soap products, such as the Loofah Cookie. A flat soft piece made from the skin of a loofah, hand-dipped in goat’s milk – perfect for the face. It seems there are so many women with skin concerns wondering what type of lotion they can use to bring back the youthful glow to their outer skin. Truth be told, I personally don’t think there are any real “miracle” lotions. But one sure way to glow is by exfoliating the dead skin cells on top with loofah while at the same time feeding the skin the nutrients it needs. Goat’s milk is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential to healthy, glowing skin.

I personally make every item. Each new soap is tested by having my own family members and friends use it before I release the soap to you. Family members are the toughest critics: they follow me everywhere and keep on me until I perfect the soap.

I’ve received call after call from friends and family telling me how soft their skin feels after using the Loofah Cookie, and how wonderful it is to use before shaving. My Loofah Creations have become so popular, that I’m now happy to be able to share them with you.

My most important goal is that all of my customers are satisfied. This is evidenced by the smile they have a smile on their face when they tell me about their experiences with my soaps. The art of soap-making is my passion. I hope you will try my products and will love them as much as my friends and family love them.


Franny Matsko

Loofah Soaps N Creations Artist/Creator

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